The inspiration for creating a stylish photo session dedicated to the charismatic Frida Kahlo was her extraordinary life and creativity. Jewelry from the Sarana collections was used to create the image of the famous Mexican artist. But let's get to know the story of this incredible woman ...

The legendary artist knows firsthand what it is like when life cuts wings and breaks bones. Sometimes the only thing you can do is just keep fighting. And Frida fought. And her struggle was accompanied by the ability to love, create and be happy.

The struggle for life and death began in early childhood, although Magdalena's childhood years were happy and serene. Her mother was not from the richest family, but her father was a wealthy person. Wilhelm Kahlo was a photographer who took many pictures of his beloved daughter.

Frida has always loved changing her reality. So it happened with my father. Despite the fact that he comes from a well-to-do family, the artist told everyone that he was a Jewish refugee. She grew up in a Mexican atmosphere: in the village of Coyoacane, in the ruins of the Aztec heritage. Little Frida's nanny was also a native Mexican.
Love for Mexican culture accompanied Frida throughout her life. She was fascinated by the harmony of fatalism and a sense of complete consciousness. She loved to wear national dresses, which practically did not differ from old clothes.

While she climbed trees with the neighboring boys and defeated them in various games, her father cherished the idea that in time his daughter would become a doctor. When she was fifteen, she entered an excellent Mexican school, mostly attended by boys.
There she first saw Diego Rivera, but he seemed fat and funny to her. She even rubbed the stairs with soap once so she could watch him fall. When the girl was eighteen, she had a serious accident. A tram crashed into the bus in which she was traveling. A metal stick broke Frida's spine, injured her uterus and shattered her leg. No one believed that she would survive. Nobody except her father: for three weeks he did not let go of her hand.

When Frida regained consciousness, she felt that her life was broken. It was difficult for her to breathe in a corset, and in order to forget about her misfortune at least for a while, she began to draw. For this, Wilhelm installed a stretcher over her bed. Then they did not yet know that in this craft she would achieve greatness.
Four years later, she still managed to enter the university. Her friends were members of the Communist Party. She came to school either in a man's attire or in bright dresses. Then she learned to perform tango - a dance that helps to fight death.

Diego Rivera burst into her life just like that tram. She loved him, and he admired her, which did not prevent him from falling in love with other women. They cheated on each other, but this motivated her to create. For four years, Frida and her husband left for New York, and there she realized that she was a real Mexican. Returning home, she found herself in a fashion company. At endless parties, she sat like a queen. No one even suspected that she simply could not sit differently because of her leg.

She had many lovers and mistresses, but some of them deserve special attention. One of the most famous is Trotsky, who came to Kahlo and Rivera with his wife. Frida could not ignore the most famous communist in Mexico, and they became lovers.
Another famous lover of Frida was Nicholas Murray, a photographer who owns a huge number of the artist's photographs. She painted herself, and he photographed her. They met in the States, and then he returned home with her. Their romance lasted ten years. Nicholas was practically her second husband.

Violated the family idyll of Frida and Diego and the women. In 1939, Josephine Baker, a dark-skinned dancer, whose erotic dances shocked the well-bred audience, burst into their lives. Another famous mistress was Chavela Vargas, with whom Frida was united by polio, which she had suffered in childhood.
Death continued to play with Frida. The artist became pregnant but lost her child. She almost died herself: her leg began to fester, which had to be amputated. She acquired a painted prosthesis, but life began to lose its brightness: the pain made itself felt. All of her paintings depict the pain she experienced in life.

Death came to her also suddenly. One day she asked Diego to take her to a communist demonstration, where she contracted pneumonia. This was the reason for her death. Death was so in the spirit of Frida that many thought that she herself directed it.

A bright and courageous, strong and charismatic, beautiful and talented woman became the national hero of her country and world famous.. Art, expressed through pain, has won the hearts of millions of fans of her talent. Let's imagine, through the created stylish image, what this incredible woman could be in the present tense.

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