Collection "Malachite Box"

Every person needs to find their source of inspiration. Something that will give energy and strength for the accomplishment of great deeds or at least for the fulfillment of the dream and the fulfillment of its dream. Something that will motivate, give food for creativity and a sense of ease and inspiration. Sources of inspiration can be very different - communication with like-minded people or children, love, sport, art, successful people, meditation ... I find inspiration in traveling. On the way, new ideas often come, it is an opportunity to change the situation and look at another world, leaving behind your own, habitual. The opportunity to admire nature - a natural source of beauty. Moreover, in travel it happens that you find inspiration unexpectedly. In the new collection "Malachite Box" there are 14 wonderful doll-pendants. The highlight of the collection is that you will not be able to find duplicate stones in these dolls. All the pebbles of different colors and shades, which gives each doll a special character, charm, personalizes it. An exclusive collection also makes the fact that one of the pupae used a very rare mineral - atheit (a falcon eye), and in another doll the tiger's eye was used for the first time. Each girl will be able to find a doll for herself, according to her personal style, manner, preferences and world view. Bright and bright fashionista, a luxurious queen in a golden skirt or a delicate and refined doll-princess - you will be able to pick up a doll for yourself and get the right talisman, an indispensable decoration and a wonderful source of inspiration.

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