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Collection pendants BLACK&WHITE

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Black and White – one of the most striking combinations, symbolizing unity and the struggle of opposites, akin to a chess match. This concept is exactly what is embedded in the jewelry collection of the Spanish brand SARANA, "BLACK & WHITE," the idea of creating which arose several years ago and came to fruition at a time when the chess print became one of the most popular patterns.

This collection consists of agate chokers, bracelets, earrings, and of course, doll pendants, of which there are 12 in this collection, like figures in chess. The dominant materials of the collection are black and white agates, pearls, black-and-white prints, black and white tulle, and, of course, sparkling Swarovski® crystals. Only in some pieces do vibrant corals, lapis lazuli, and malachite make an appearance to diversify and embellish the monochrome palette.

If you are an extraordinary, full of contradictions, but at the same time charming girl with refined taste, then this collection is for you.

May this collection serve as a vivid reminder that "Our world is not a chessboard because each figure here is a grandmaster." Let's play our lives honorably, and may each of us achieve victory! And our wonderful SARANA doll pendants will become your companions and lead you to success.
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