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Collection of jewelry pendants WITH ART NEARBY

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The unimaginable collection of SARANA jewelry “With Art Nearby” has become the embodiment of a rich cultural heritage in the form of masterpieces of world art in bright prints of dolls' skirts - pendants and a luxurious assortment of colorful gems. This pictorial collection of jewelry is distinguished by its bright idea, colorful palette and color variety of minerals.
The great Goethe wrote in his teaching on color: “Colors cause great joy in a person. The eye needs them as much as it needs light. Remember how we come to life when, on a cloudy day, the sun suddenly illuminates part of the area and the colors become brighter. From the deep feeling of this ineffable pleasure, the idea was probably born that colored noble stones have the healing power that is attributed to them. "
Thus, in this incredible collection of dolls-pendants, the SARANA masters in an amazing way combined the great theory of color of Goethe and the famous masterpieces of the world art of Van Gogh, Matisse, Picasso, Monet, Klimt and Raphael.
The collection includes 16 pendant dolls, each distinguished by its own mineral - these are red and orange corals, purple, yellow, green, blue, pink agates, rose quartz, moonstone, tiger's eye, natural green aventurine and golden sand. Also in the collection are used pearls, turquoise, malachite and the skirts of each doll are inlaid with multi-colored crystals from Swarovski. The color palette that distinguishes this collection of pendants is quite bright, but the combinations of colored stones and prints are harmoniously selected and perfectly combined with each other.
Such picturesque jewelry will be a unique gift for creative, romantic, daring, but lovely girls. The dolls-pendants of this art collection will fill their owners with a sea of positive emotions, bring the mood of celebration and happiness into life, and add uniqueness and creativity to the image.
Each girl can choose and buy herself a pendant in the form of a doll-pendant according to her taste and style, the dolls are looking forward to meeting their mistresses.
Miracles are near.