Who is Lady Miracle?

She is mysterious and sweet, feminine and daring, gentle and bold, with a sense of style and a lot of romanticism. This girl, capable of being different and at the same time constant. She can combine strict elegance and loose spontaneity. Everything she undertakes - surpasses all expectations, because her main dignity is inner harmony. But still, this girl cannot be called an ordinary Lady. Who is she - a passionate Spanish woman or a reserved Scandinavian, or maybe this girl is the owner of the refined tenderness of Eastern Europe? One thing is known that she is full of inner strength, her energy and enthusiasm beats over the edge, reaching the very heights of the world of style. Natural and cheerful, ready to experiment with original fashion looks. Some of her images are dreamy, while others are surreal, and all of them invariably strive to grab your attention and awaken the imagination.

This is a girl in search of inspiration, the sources of which can be both photographs of fashionable gloss and illustrations of old publications, contemporary artworks or masterpieces of world art, modern stylish projects, or architecture created in the Baroque or Rococo style. Let's take a look at Lady Miracle's wardrobe. Stylish flair and creativity this girl does not hold. It combines elegance and simplicity. The classic spirit and sense of avant-garde made Miracle girl a creative person. Like every modern girl, Lady Miracle is very fond of making and accepting gifts. What to give a Lady Miracle style girl? It can only be non-trivial gizmos, original products, and stylish accessories. How about a Sarana doll pendant? This will surprise her, delight, and touch her to the depths of her soul, because such a pendant in the form of a doll not only attracts with style and originality, it has a deep sense of beauty, kindness, and light miracles.

And the most important merit of this mysterious Lady is that she sincerely believes in the most real miracles. It can be different, but sparkling eyes, straight posture, a raised head, a slight smile, and, of course, a cute, stylish, bright accessory in the form of a graceful SARANA doll-pendant will give her confidence and make her stand out from the crowd of thousands of people. Lady Miracle believes that everything will be fine and the happy ending of the fairy tale called life will come true. Because with her - the most mysterious and faithful companion in the face of a cute pendant, which will bring only joyful events to the life of our Lady - real miracles.

Miracles are near.
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