Crystal Jewelry Collection

Crystal Jewelry Pendants

Cold, like ice, crystal and warm, gentle rabbit fur harmoniously connected the master in the creation of jewelry dolls-pendants Sarana collection Crystal Symphony. This collection is the embodiment of lightness and tenderness, efficiency and brilliance. It is a game of cold and warmth, fragility and delicacy. It is a symphony of color and form, of love and inspiration. Each doll of this collection is a quivering creature that brings us back to childhood and makes us believe in magic. For the first time, from all our collections, the pupae put on beads with a pendant in the form of the Sarana a miracle logo. And according to the numerous requests of our fans, this collection is supplemented with accessories, in the form of crystal bracelets, beads and silver earrings. Let our magic pupae, like little fairies, bring to your life incredible emotions of joy and happiness, and of course - the most real miracles! Miracles are nearby.

You can view and buy pendants of this collection here: Crystal Symphony Pendant Collection