Product encrusted crystals from Swarovski®
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Jewelry Pendants ‘Un dia de fiesta’

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We are always looking forward to a holiday. This special day we wake up with a smile and butterflies in the stomach… This day is finally here! The best day! Holiday! And we always feel sad when the holiday is over and we have to return to everyday life.

But, what if the holiday and this fabulous mood can be extended and every day can be special, bright and filled with magic? 
The new collection of author's pendants Sarana “Un dia de fiesta” is the embodiment of the fabulous mood in each doll. These fabulous dolls are worked out to the smallest detail and give sincere emotions and great delight to girls of any age!

This collection is special. It is as special as every holiday, as a miracle that all of us hope to meet, as a wish we make looking at a falling star. By creation of the collection “Un dia de fiesta” we used such precious stones as aventurine and malachite and such semi-precious stones as lazurite and agate, as well as pearls, coral, Austrian crystal and original Swarowski® crystals.

Each doll is a fashionista, their dresses are sewn with elite fabrics of Italian and Japanese manufacture, and accessories are so elegant as if they were chosen by a famous designer. 

Such a bright and original jewelry pendant is an extraordinary gift for a woman on any occasion. This piece of jewelry will create a festive mood even on the cloudiest day and will not go unnoticed, catching admiring looks.

Give an unforgettable sense of celebration with the 'Un día de fiesta' jewelry pendant!