Product encrusted crystals from Swarovski®
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Jewelry dolls pendants based on the fairy tale of Sh.Perrault "Donkey skin"

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Sarana’s masters give to their true admirers the unique mini-collection of magic doll-pendants, created on the base of Charles Perrault's amazing tale “Donkey Skin”, so that fairy tales and magic could be always with you.

Fairy princess Theresa wanders around the world in a donkey skin and she doesn’t part with the chest where her favorite things are kept. There are three beautiful dresses among them presented by her father-king. In the end, a person of royal blood will be recognized in a beggar-woman because of these dresses.

Pendants of this Sarana Collection represents Princess Theresa in her fairy dresses. They are made of jewellery alloy, 925 Sterling Silver components, rock crystal, pearls, opal, aquamarine, zircons and a great number of Swarovski crystals.

The first dress is as beautiful as the sky with golden clouds. The second dress is incredibly beautiful as the Moon itself, and the third dress is as splendid as the Sun! But we tell you the secret that the main components of this fairy-tale collection were magic heavenly dew, star powder and sunbeams.

The magic itself is reflected in these incomparable doll-pendants!

Every girl can become a real princess now!