SARANA is A MIRACLE. A miracle which you can touch, try on yourself, the one which can stay with you forever.

Every SARANA doll is A SYMBOL. A symbol of belief in good, perfection, something that fill our planet with the magic of beauty and warmth.

Every SARANA doll is A FRAGMENT. A fragment of a single huge universe, which connects all of those who touches it with light in their souls and inspiration to do something extraordinary for others.

Every SARANA doll is AN OPPORTUNITY. An opportunity for artisans to express their talent in every detail. An opportunity for rare jewels and Swarovski® crystals to shine like a rainbow and bring joy to you. 

SARANA is a brand thanks to which you can believe in miracles. A brand that can inspire and delight, and bring the most sincere positive emotions. Fans of the SARANA brand carry this energy of love further, give it to their loved ones and just passers-by, filling the space around with love, multiplying this feeling inside. They believe in miracles that are bound to happen.
Miracles are nearby.

Such materials as accessories and fabrics of high quality manufactured in Spain and in Japan, precious and semiprecious stones, 925 Sterling Silver, 18-karat gold, and crystals from Swarovski® are used to create exclusive SARANA jewelry. 

SARANA is an officially registered brand in Spain.

You can choose and buy amazing pendant dolls or beautiful jewelry from the brand SARANA on our website in the catalog: CATALOG