Black and White… How many times in our lives have each of us encountered these shades in the literal and figurative sense. Located at opposite poles, however, they do not exist one without the other. And like the philosophical Yin and Yang, they form one whole only in an organic compound.
Day and night, heat and cold, truth and falsehood, even and odd, positive and negative, black and white are examples of unity and struggle of opposites, which especially clearly appear during periods of exacerbations, cataclysms and wars, when intermediate categories often become unacceptable and compromise.

The jewelers of the Spanish brand SARANA in the Black&White collection clearly captured this current social trend of polar perception of reality, skillfully embodying it in twelve black and white figurines of pendant dolls. The basis for the fantasy of jewelry was the popular chess print, which clearly demonstrates the main concept of the collection, and the same number of pendants in it as different types of game chess pieces.

In addition to pendants, agate chokers, bracelets and earrings are also presented in the collection. The dominant materials are black and white agates, pearls, black and white tulle, and of course, brilliant crystals from Swarovski®. And only in some decorations there are bright corals, lapis lazuli and malachite, which point-by-point transform the overall monochrome palette.

It was very revealing and natural that an old friend, who had repeatedly worked with SARANA, a well-known supporter of the black–and-white genre in photography, Gennadiy Chernomashintsev, was invited to hold a photo session for this collection. His conceptual shots have always favourably emphasized the bright and multicolored style of the brand's jewelry. The master of fashion photography of international level, Ukrainian Helmut Newton, with his wonderful works, he again confirmed the ideology of preference for black and white images as extremely honest, expressive and uncompromising, in which it is impossible to hide behind color.

It is noteworthy that for a more organic representation of the necessary images, dresses and suits of VOZIANOV – a brand that preaches clothes as an object of design through the prism of maximum conciseness and versatility - were involved in the photography. And as you can see in the photo, it was these outfits that most impressively suited Gennadiy Chernomashintsev when presenting the Black&White collection. We are sure that after such a photo shoot, these jewelry pieces will completely suit you!

And despite the black-and-white theme, let this collection become a vivid reminder that "Our world is not a chessboard at all, because every piece here is a grandmaster." And the wonderful SARANA pendant dolls will be your faithful assistants in the worthy performance of your "life game", constant companions of victory and success.

The collection is already available on the website: Collection of Black&White jewelry pendants.