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Collection of pendants TOUCH OF SILK

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Cute SARANA pendant dolls enchanted us this time by wearing beautiful outfits made of flowing, delicate natural silk, collecting a rich color palette in one collection. "Touch of Silk" is the name of this unimaginable collection of jewelry, which includes 18 pendants in the form of traditional dolls of the brand, as well as bracelets, earrings, and colorful chokers made of cat's eye stones. In addition, pearls, agate, amethyst, and corals were used in the manufacture of jewelry, and of course, the outfit of each pendant doll is inlaid with brilliant crystals from Swarovski®. 

The design of this collection is built in such a way as to maximize the ideal color combinations of bright colors with contrasting ones. So, for example, we see that the doll in a yellow silk skirt and a yellow center stone is in a black top and with black agates in the form of additional details.

Of course, an important difference of the collection is the most delicate natural silk, from which the skirts of the main characters are hand-sewn. The masters of the brand worked with this type of fabric for the first time, which led them to be completely delighted with the tenderness of the touch of silk. Sliding, caressing and so gentle that almost weightless silk fascinates and falls in love with itself. Moreover, each skirt model was embroidered with beautiful Preciosa® beads, which gave the sophistication and chic of the outfit. The collection impresses with its rich color diversity. Here we see sunny yellow, royal blue, iridescent gray, mysterious purple, noble burgundy, soft beige, happy orange, ash rose color, spring green, exquisite emerald, elegant black, fuchsia pink, delicate lilac, and sapphire blue.
It took about a year of painstaking handwork to create this collection. The masters really "breathed" life into the dolls, and this is the very foundation on which the brand phenomenon stands.

The style of this collection can be assessed as an eternal classic, where each pendant doll has obvious charisma.  Choosing a pendant, it will be interesting for a girl to find exactly her doll.