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The new amazing collection of the popular Spanish brand SARANA "With art nearby" - will soon delight its enthusiastic fans.  Original pendants in the form of dolls, as always, have become the centerpiece of the collection.  Also in this collection you can choose a wonderful bracelet made of exquisite crystals or large gems for each doll pendant.  The new collection "With Art Nearby" is inspired by the beauty and charisma of world art masterpieces, filled with vivid motives of picturesque works of art.
In small skirts of graceful dolls-pendants bright, lively motives of the famous works of Van Gogh, Picasso, Matisse, Monet, Raphael and Klimt are embodied.  Luscious natural minerals such as red coral, orange agate, yellow agate, green aventurine, blue moonstone and aquamarine, blue lapis lazuli have created a real jewelry rainbow.  And multi-colored crystals from Swarovski® became the final brilliant accent on the dolls' skirts.
This unique collection of jewelry is able to delight and inspire, give a mood of joy and happiness.  Inimitable, colorful, bright dolls of the pendants of this collection radiate inner light energy, which they fill their owner and give light to those around.
Soon you will be able to buy wonderful jewelry - doll pendants online in our store.
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Miracles are nearby.