Exactly one year ago, in one beautiful, sunny day, a fantasy girl with a kind heart, indelible faith in a fairy tale, and the fact that dreams should be realized, she decided to give vent to her imagination and create something beautiful, nothing like a true miracle. It is not an abstract, ghostly miracle, everyone dreams about, blowing out candles on a festive cake or drinking a glass of champagne to the chiming clock, but a real, tangible miracle that can bring happiness every day and never disappear anywhere. So, a small jeweler doll was born, which absorbed a part of the soul of the creator and was called upon to fulfill its main mission - to help others to believe in a miracle and bring a grain of a fairy tale to their lives. So this girl became happy, and then she realized what she wanted to do all her life. After all, who would have thought that the birth of the smallest doll will be the first step towards creating a whole universe of jewelry dolls called "Sarana." "Sarana" is not just jewelry, but a whole fairy-tale world designed to fulfill dreams and embody all the most insane fantasies of those who decide to buy a doll. Without a twinge of conscience, we can say that "Sarana" will become a magical gift for real princesses and inimitable fashionistas.
And so, in honor of the birthday of the pupae, we decided to create a festive photo session of our jewelry princesses. Let these photos tell you in detail about how our pupae live, and how they spend their free time and help you to plunge into their secular world.

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