For your inspiration, the famous stylist Maria Pion has created a spectacular elegant image in delicate blue tones with a doll pendant from the collection "Devotion".
The lace white top, which is always in fashion, is complemented by a light and airy SARANA pendant in sky-blue color. This is a win-win option for a festive event, a romantic date, or just for a casual look and a good mood.
An insanely beautiful and elegant combination looks gentle and noble. It will add a touch of sophistication and tenderness to your wardrobe and will give you confidence in your irresistibility.

This cute doll-pendant with moonstone and pearls, in a blue tulle skirt inlaid with Swarovski® crystals, with silver elements and a devoted dog friend - will be a welcome gift for a charming and stylish lady. It will always remain her favorite piece of jewelry.

You can buy this beautiful pendant on our website:  Pendant doll in blue from the collection "Devotion"