"If once you have chosen your profession, you must completely immerse yourself in the work, you must fall in love with it, never complain about it." You must devote your life to honing your skills, which is the secret of success and the key to becoming worthy". Quotation from the movie about dedication to his cause "Jiro's dreams about sushi".
We are in love with what we do, it is our inspiration and life. Each pendant is the birth of a small miracle, each new collection is a delight and happiness.
The creation of each SARANA doll is a complex, time-consuming and fascinating process that consists of the idea of design an image or collection, the development of sketches, the selection and search for materials, and the manufacturing process. It takes several hours to make one doll-pendant, and it takes from several months to a year to create a new collection.
We are happy in our work and share with you our joyful emotions in each pendant. With each product we give you a little piece of magic and wonder.

Miracles are nearby.

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