Sarana in magazine Bon kids


On the pages of the popular magazine BON Kids, our top jewelry pendant SARANA from the "Touch of Silk" collection deservedly takes center stage. This exquisite doll stands out for its elegance and refined design, captivating at first sight.

The pendant's dress, handmade from natural silk and encrusted with Swarovski crystals, imparts unmatched luxury and brilliance to the piece. Complemented with pearls, the pendant gains sophistication and a special charm, attracting glances and emphasizing the owner's status.

This charming doll pendant comes with an 18K gold-plated chain, freeing you from the need to find a suitable chain. Packaged in a branded box, this jewelry makes an ideal gift for a beloved girlfriend, friend, sister, or colleague on an anniversary or any other occasion.

By choosing the SARANA jewelry pendant, you opt for unparalleled style and elegance that highlight your individuality and refined taste.