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Art Inspired by Silk

The "Silk Touch" collection is an art form created to accentuate the tenderness and sophistication of every woman. These jewelry pendants are true works of art and capture attention with their sophistication. They were crafted so that every woman can feel special and unique.

Jewelry on the World Stage

SARANA jewelry has already won the hearts of women in different parts of the world. They have been featured in international publications in France, the United Kingdom, Spain, the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, and Ukraine. Now, as they are presented in the Italian magazine BLISS, they continue their journey, captivating the hearts of Italian fashionistas.

Your Chance to Acquire Jewelry

If you want to see, choose, and purchase jewelry from the "Silk Touch" collection, you don't need to go far. Our jewelry is available on our website in the Catalog section. Just follow the link and find the option that will accentuate your beauty and enhance your image.

Take a Step into the World of Exquisite Jewelry

Jewelry pendants from the "Silk Touch" collection are not just accessories. They are art created for every woman to feel special. Allow yourself to take a step into the world of exquisite jewelry and emphasize your delicacy and sophistication. Our pendants are your right to attention and admiration.

Shop with Pleasure

We invite you to visit our website and select jewelry that matches your style and appearance. Shop with pleasure and cherish every moment when you wear SARANA jewelry.

"Silk Touch" is your right to attention and admiration. Emphasize your tenderness and sophistication with us.