Product encrusted crystals from Swarovski®
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Unique jewelry doll pendant

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Article of the product.: M-1611001

As light as a feather and free as air – this doll is for real adventurers! 
Sensual and tender Sarana doll in the new collection is a fairy tale that came true.  
The doll Princess Theresa in as beautiful dress as the sky with golden clouds is based on the fairy tale “Donkey Skin” by Charles Perrault.. The pendant is made of jewellery alloy, 925 Sterling Silver components gilded with 24-karat gold, rock crystal, pearls, opal and aquamarine. The dress is made of brocade encrusted with Swarovski ®. 
The height of the doll is 12cm; the pendant completed with chain 75cm and original box.

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